How to withdraw

Withdraw the money from ibet789 is very convenient, fast and secure. Withdrawn money will be directly transferred and deposited in customer’s bank account with just a few click. Please read following guideline for withdraw:

1- Open web browser and type

2 - Press “LOG IN” button


3 - Click “WITHDRAW” button at the top of your dashboard.

4 - Fill in the information as guided below:

  • Account is set by default as account code.
  • Fill in the amount in the “Amount” that you wish to withdraw
  • Currency is set by default as dolla($)
  • Choose “Bank Name” as which bank you want your money to be transferred to.
  • Enter your bank account name in “Bank Account Name”, bank account name that you have in a above selected bank.
  • Enter your bank account number in “Bank Account Number”, bank account number that you have in above selected bank.
  • Remark is optional
  • Press “Withdraw” as final.

The ABC2288 operator will take few minutes to verify and transfer. Once information correctly matches with credit in your ibet789 member account. Money will be transferred to the requested account accordingly.